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Our Online Shop consists of a medley of lifestyle necessities and accessories. We want to use Fashion, Art and other lifestyle goodies to unite people by showing what we have in common and believe this a powerful tool in satisfying the modern global individual – We have one diverse world full of beauty, so why not flaunt it? 

Some of our Brands...


We believe that Art is where work meets love. We work with various mediums in the Fine Arts. Our core business is the customisation of Decor, Apparel and Tech.


Afridirndl® & Amaka Indigo Fashion and Trachten wear was established in 2014 as a family business in Durban by Michelle Andrews and Sandra Andrews-Brandstätter, two South African Born passionate business women and entrepreneurs.


Focus on Beauty offers well-being for everyone. Because treatment is only as good as the duration of its effectiveness. We select the most exquisite selection of high quality products and continuously attend training in new technologies to ensure the best service. 


Amaka Indigo was established in 2014 as a family-run  Fashion Design & Art atelier in Austria. It trades in Fashion, Art, Decor and high-end Beauty Products from various regional suppliers, through its internal signature house brands.

“Trachten” fashion-lovers from all over the world, have become Afridirndl ® fans, a daughter brand of the company, which has since become an Austrian force to be reckoned with.

Our solid client base,  enables us to share pride in our collective heritage and interwoven roots.

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  • +43 676 7895577
  • Kirchengasse 6, 4040 Linz, Austria
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